Heatwave turning motorists into angry cockwombles

The current heatwave is turning motorists into angry cockwombles at an alarming rate.

That’s the view of Welsh Automobile Thingybob Club’s Alan Gunt, who got twatted in the face today at some red lights.

Alun told WalesOnCraic:

“This heatwave is making everyone agitated, especially on our roads. Only this afternoon, I was sat in my car at some red lights when this woman pulled up alongside me and started screaming that she was too hot. I wound up my window so that I didn’t have to listen to her but before I knew it, she’d gotten out of her car, opened my door and twatted me in the face. I wouldn’t have minded but I’d just put on my Zippo the Clown makeup as I was heading to a children’s party. I do it most weekends but today was a special day because it was for one of my love childs.”

Motorists are being told to take a big breath and count to 10 before sparking out other drivers.

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