Heatwave to end the day kids break up for school holidays

The current summer heatwave is set to end when the kids break up from school.

Shitty weather will move in for the 6 weeks that the kids are off before clement weather moves back in once they’re back at school.

A spokesman for the Weather Office said:

“We’ve all been getting sick of this frigging heatwave but the good news is that there is an end in sight. Our current charts are showing an area of low pressure that will move into Wales. Current predictions are telling us that this will reach Wales the day that the kids break up. There then appears to be a long stretch of shitty, rainy weather that will probably last the entire six weeks of the school holidays. Then the sun will come back again when they’ve all gone back.”

Members of the public are getting agitated that the Government is doing nothing to stop the heatwave.

“They collect my bins and that’s all they do. Why should I continue paying my Council Tax?”

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