Heath Hospital car parking shortlisted for ‘Joke of the Year’

Car parking arrangements at Cardiff’s Heath Hospital have been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Joke of the Year’ Award.

Car park bosses have decided to move roads around and meddle with the car parking ticketing system ‘for a laugh’.

One boss told WalesOnCraic:

“We were just about managing with what we had but we though we’d liven things up a bit by shutting off roads, making some dead ends and even building some that go nowhere. Our joker card was changing the old ticketing system so that people now have to buy a prepaid ticket. Oh how we laugh when we see them scampering across the roads to pay for a new ticket when their ticket runs out. We sit upstairs in our ivory towers laughing our arses off.”

One hospital-goer said:

“I ran out to put a ticket on my car and missed my dad dying so I never got to say goodbye. Still, at least I didn’t get fined.”

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