Have you seen the Welsh Game of Thrones?


Winter is coming.

Actually, that’s a lie. It’s been and gone. But Wales does now have its own fantasy drama/comedy, courtesy of The Great Big Welsh Sketch Show.

‘That’s My Chair, That Is’ is a comedy web series of the popular Game of Thrones but set in Wales.

Just like the aforementioned HBO hit, this version follows the stories of the different houses and their journey to The Great Chair. 

Although it isn’t just the other houses who are their enemies, as a new threat looms over Wales…

Creator Sean Rhys-James told WalesOnCraic:

“I am a Welsh actor and comedy writer, and founder of The Great Big Welsh Sketch Show.

“Two years ago I began writing ‘That’s My Chair’ with the goal of eventually getting to film it.

“After moving back home from London and saving up some money I finally managed to create the pilot episode, completely self-funded and with a lot of favours from young Welsh talent.”

Sean has written an entire series:

“I would love for everyone to see it, but for that to happen I will need funding,” he says.

“There’s a GoFundMe page set up for episode 2 – – which has already started well but still needs support. Anything from £1 to £100 is all welcome. 

“If you can’t spare any change then please give it a watch and share it. The more eyes on it the better my chances of creating further episodes.”

Here’s hoping for more episodes!

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