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Harry Hill Arrested for ‘Murdering Stars In Their Eyes’: Reports

Comedian Harry Hill has been arrested for the ‘murder of Stars In Their Eyes’, according to reports.

The star, who hosted the revamped show last night, came under heavy fire for adding his brand of comedy to the show. Police arrested him in the early hours of this morning.
TV viewer Brenda BoggleEyes told WalesOnCraic:

“It was awful. I was hoping for a dated 90s version of the show – like the ones they constantly put on Challenge TV every day. But Harry ruined it. It was all about him. I shan’t be watching again.”

Another viewer told WalesOnCraic:

“I watched the first bit and then had to turn over. Sadly, it was to the BBC who were airing The Voice. There was nothing for it other than to get completely off my tits. I feel like shit today and I personally blame Harry Hill.”

Stars In Their Eyes is a singing competition where members of the general public dress up as their idols and sing one of their songs. It was formerly hosted by Matthew Kelly and one of the show’s many highlights was Chris de Burgh singing with Chris de Burgh.

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