Harry and Meghan have received 946 toasters since last weekend

Kensington Palace has unofficially announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Sparkle have received many presents from well-wishers.

A court official was overheard in The Prince of Wales Feathers pub, in Whitehall, telling his friends over a few pints, what was happening behind the scenes.

WalesOnCraic’s Royal Reporter, Queenie Ramsbottom said:

“I was sat on the table behind a Kensington Palace butler, who was off duty, but he was still wearing his work wear. It seems that do date, many duplicate items have been received.”

The list includes:-

• 946 toasters
• 728 tea towels
• 1084 His and Hers Mug Sets
• 85 Saucepans sets
• 95 DVD Recorders
• 23 Nodding Churchill Dogs to put in the car
• 467 Duvet Sets
• 76 Teddy Bears

Queenie went on:

“It would seem that the Palace is completely swamped with truckloads of gifts being delivered 4 times a day. Meghan is like a giggling 8-year-old, opening parcel after parcel, on Christmas Day. The Palace has had to use an empty apartment to store all the parcels and they have taken on 4 staff to put the items onto Ebay.”

Queenie has been speaking earlier this week to Welsh Royal revellers who had set up their vantage point on Windsor High Street last weekend. Sian Gubbins of Aberaeron, Ceredigion said:

“We sent Harry and Meghan a toaster and we are shocked that it’s now on Ebay. I have just had a look and I can see it there. It currently stands at 99p.”

Queenie Ramsbottom also spoke to Kensington Palace and a spokesperson denied that wedding presents were on sale on Ebay. The unnamed official said:

“I refute this allegation. But I can confirm that the number of toasters received is now approaching 1000.

“I am sure that Prince Harry and Meghan will make use of every toaster and every other present that they receive,” the spokesperson added.

Sian Gubbins said:

“I won’t be eating the toast. I can’t stand it. It was given to me and my Geraint, when we got married 3 months ago. We were given 14 toasters. I’ve just got another 13 to get rid of. I might put them on Ebay, myself.”

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