Group set up to support YES vote in Eurovision referendum

With less than 4 months to the EU Referendum, a new group has been formed of various Eurovision fans across Wales who fear that a NO vote could see the UK leaving the Eurovision Song Contest.

Wales 4 Eurovision (and the EU) has been formed at a meeting held in Ruthin last night at the Ruthin Arms following Joe and Jake being selected to represent the UK at this year’s competition, that is being held in Stockholm in May.

The initiative came from Joe Woolford’s Aunty Betty, who comes from Ruthin, as does Joe Woolford, who is one half of the duo. Aunty Betty (not to be confused with Aunty Brenda on Stella) said:

“My nephew Joe is such a lovely boy and Eurovision gives him a great opportunity to be seen across the Wales, the UK, Europe and even the world. I fear that a OUT vote could see the UK next voting to leave Eurovision, if we are not thrown out by the angry Europeans if they are pissed off at us for voting to leave. We could also be forced to leave NATO.”

Wales 4 Eurosvision (and the EU) was the brainchild of local student Rupert Farquar-Owen who said:

“I just love Eurovision and I know that it’s very popular with the gay community. And just look at Joe and Jake, they are just lush. They are eye candy for the young girls and the gays, so I can see them doing well in Stockholm. I set up Wales 4 Eurovision (and the EU) as a campaigning group to let all Welsh people know that leaving the EU and Eurovision will be a disaster for Ruthin, Wales and the UK. I urge a YES vote in the Referendum. We must stay in Eurovision…and the EU, come to think of it.”

However, when WalesonCraic did a vox poll in the Ruthin Arms, most punters didn’t give a shit about Eurovision. Sally Graburscrote said:

“Every Saturday, I’m out in the pubs in town and then for a kebab. I wouldn’t stay in to watch Eurovision, even if I was paid to. But I wouldn’t mind having Joe’s babies, if he wants a bunk up anytime behind the High Street bus shelter. And if he brings Jake to Ruthin, the offer is open to him as well.”

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