Going To Miss The Solar Eclipse? Don’t Worry – Just Close Your Eyes A Little Bit For a Few Minutes

Rain and cloud are threatening Welsh views of the solar eclipse this Friday but the event can be experienced by closing your eyes slightly for a few minutes, according to Welsh star-gazer Billy NoMates.

The partial eclipse is set to take place this Friday morning as most of us will be in working wishing that it was Saturday. Even so, bad weather is threatening the heavenly spectacle. But Welsh astronomer NoMates has told Welsh workers not to panic.

“All you need to do is close your eyes a little bit for a few minutes. It’s exactly the same experience. So if you’re stuck in work, don’t worry. Just do the closing-your-eyes-a-little bit trick. Then you can say that you’ve experienced it.”

Solar eclipses occur when the sun, orbiting the earth, crashes into the moon. Or something. Either way, it only happens every few years or so. Asteroids will come shooting out of the sun, and large flames are expected to fly across the sky.

“It’s all very exciting. The Jeremy Kyle Show is set to start at 9.25am but it’s ok because I’ve got it on series record.” said NoMates.

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