Most gingers lacking in Vitamin D because they can’t go out in daylight

Over 85% of gingers are seriously lacking in Vitamin D because they are too afraid of going out in daylight.

Most gingers burn into a crisp within 3 minutes of sunshine exposure, leading to poor levels of Vitamin D.

Ginger ‘Ginge’ McGinger of the Welsh Ginger Society told WalesOnCraic:

“Us gingers do love the thought of going out into the sun and absorbing a load of Vitamin D which comes from the sun. Sadly, even popping our heads outside our front doors to see what the weather’s going to be like brings its own risks. We have one member of our society who opened his window to shoo away a cat that was shitting in his garden and he got third degree burns to his face and hands. It’s no wonder that we are the most at risk of Vitamin D and the effects that it has on us.”

23 year-old Hayley Gingeybits said:

“I have to get my Vitamin D off Amazon. I can’t rely on the sun to give me the correct dosage. It’s a nightmare in the summer as the days are longer and I have to sit in and watch crap on telly until it gets dark. Only then can I pop down to the local Kwik Save to get myself some Skol.”

Medics have warned that lack of Vitamin D can leads to colds and flu.

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