Geraint Thomas set to become a f*cking legend

Welsh lad Geraint Thomas is set to become a f*cking legend after setting himself up to win the Tour De France.

Geraint with a G will be granted freedom to ride his bike through red lights throughout Wales when he wins tomorrow.

A spokesman for the Tour told WalesOnCraic:

“Tradition dictates that no one overtakes the leader in the final stage of the race, which means that Geraint simply has to finish the race to win. He’s been going like shit off a shovel these last few weeks and the lad looks set to become a f*cking legend. When he gets back to Cardiff, he will be granted the freedom of the city, which means that he can ride his bike anywhere without restriction. He won’t need to ring his bell and people will be expected to move out of his way because he’ll be a f*cking legend.”

The Tour de France is the most famous of bike races and is set in France.

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