Free Cwtch Clinics open across Wales


Clinics across Wales have opened, offering free cwtches to those who are feeling glum.

The clinics have been opened in response to a recent survey that showed that more than 80% of the population are glum at times.

Cwtch Clinic manager Cherry Warmheart told WalesOnCraic:

“I walk down to Kwik Save every other day and I always see people looking miserable. We’ve decided to set these clinics up to help people feel better. Glum people can chose between big-breasted women, strong-armed men or nice fluffy sheep to cwtch. They can cwtch for as long as they want and there is no charge. The only thing we ask is that they tell their friends about it afterwards.”

Cwtch Clinics have opened at 30 locations across Wales. More are expected to open later this year when Wales get off to a bad start in this year’s Six Nations.

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