Flour reaches £40 a gram on black market

Flour has reached an all-time high of £40 on the black market.

Prices have been squeezed by closed shops and more people at home wanting bake all kinds of shit at home.

Ian Bigbush of the Flour Production Forum, told WalesOnCraic:

“You can’t get this shit for love nor money. My missis wanted to make her own cakes last night and sent me off to get some flour. I spent all afternoon trying to get some, visiting some six different supermarkets. In the end, I had to call a ‘friend’ of mine to see if he had any going. I was in luck but I had to spend the best part of a grand to get what I wanted. By the time I’d got home, my missis had gone off the idea so I had to take it down the local council estate to shift it. We’ve never seen prices like this for flour before. I’d like to say it’s unprecedented because that’s a popular word at the moment. So I’ll say it. It’s unprecedented.”

Self-raising flour has a particularly high price tag on it in some areas, with one deal reportedly equivalent to £50 a gram.

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