Flint Council decide on giant Butt Plug sculpture to replace doomed Iron Ring

Flint County Council have reportedly decided on replacing the doomed Iron Ring sculpture with a giant butt plug outside Flint Castle.

The Council will be taking advice from Cardiff Council, who installed their own giant butt plug outside Cardiff Castle last Christmas.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Assembly told WalesOnCraic:

“We understand that the plans for an Iron Ring caused deep offence to many people. We therefore thought we’d replace it with a giant butt plug as that seemed to go down very well in Cardiff last year. We’ve spoken to a local resident who appears happy with our plans and we’ve also been liaising with our designers who have given us some drawings of the butt plug. We hope to unveil the sculpture some time in 2018 and we are hoping that Steve McDonald from Coronation Street will open it for us. We admire his style of acting here at the Assembly.”

One resident said:

“I’ll happily take a butt plug over that iron ring any day. I’ve got no idea what the Welsh Assembly were thinking.”

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