Fiat 500 lost down Cardiff pothole

A Fiat 500 disappeared down a pothole on a Cardiff road on Thursday morning.

Eyewitnesses say that the car, driven by Swansea hairdresser Sue Scissors, just drove over a pothole and vanished.

Miners from up Big Pit have been called in to try to excavate the surrounding area and locate the crap little car.

Spokesperson for Big Pit, Ivor Boner said:

“Someone called us down to Cardiff cos a Fiat 500 av dropped down a pothole it av. We put some of that stripey tape around the area to make it look like we know what we’re doing and started digging. They’re about 13ft deep so far butt, and we’re following the scent of Ocean Mist from one of those little dangley cardboard air freshener tree things. It’s getting well strong so we must be close.”

Cardiff resident Mike Litoris said:

“Driving through the streets of Cardiff are what I expect driving on the surface of the moon to be like. And bugger me if it’s raining, those sneaky little sods are hidden under a puddle. Next thing you know you’ve got whiplash injuries and your tracking is out by 15 degrees. Not what I pay my road taxes for let me tell you.”

In response to the disappearance, a council worker was seen further up the road filling in another pothole with a bucket and spade. However, he has also vanished and it is presumed that he too, has fallen down a pothole.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

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