Fat cockwomble necks pint to save NHS


A fat cockwomble has necked a pint of beer to help the struggling NHS.

Dean Sweatyballs filmed himself drinking a pint and posted it to social media, which was most welcomed by under-resourced staff in the NHS.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I like to think that I help out in a crisis and in times like these, the NHS needs people like me necking a pint. I was nominated by a friend on Facebook and I do like a challenge so the first thing I did was set the camera up in my house and grab myself a glass of beer. I necked it down a like a true professional and I’d like to think that I impressed all the ladies. I know that the NHS were appreciative of me necking the pint because I had doctors and nurses phoning me up all night saying how wonderful I am. Which is why I did it really.”

One doctor said:

“We are so grateful to Dean for necking his pint. If it wasn’t for people like him, our NHS wouldn’t be where it is today. Well done Dean.”

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