Facebook Deletes All Its Good-Looking Users

Facebook has deleted all profiles belonging to good-looking people after ugly people complained that they were sick of looking at their selfies.

It means that the only people now left on Facebook are fuglies- short for f-cking uglies.

A spokesperson for Facebook told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s understandable. All the good-looking people used to post was pictures of themselves. It’s alright in small doses but after 7 years, it’s a pain in the arsehole. So we’ve taken the unprecedented decision to delete all our good-looking users. This now leaves Facebook a sea of fuglies who don’t have to look at each other at all.”

Some users have reacted with rage. Good-looking WalesOnCraic editor, Royston Butterscotch said:

“This is an outrage. All I want to do is show people how beautiful I am. Where else am I supposed to show the world my incredible good looks? Twitter is shit and Google+ is even worse. I guess I’ll just have to admire myself in the mirror all day instead.”

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