Ex-Brexit secretary has top tips for Wales

David Davis, ex-Brexit secretary and now rugby pundit for Dave TV has some great news for Welsh rugby fans.

Speaking just a few days before Saturday’s grand slam match with Ireland, Davis was forthright with regards to the result.

“Well, if the score goes against Wales there’s no real reason to accept the result. There are several options available in case Wales’ fans are not happy. The first option would be to query the result, carefully reviewing the game in case we’ve been diddled by those craft Irish folk. If that doesn’t work we can either opt for a rematch, best of 3, or simply take the trophy and run. Or, at the end of the match, we just keep playing until we get the result we want.”

Davis continued:

“The problem is we don’t really know how a win is defined. Is it simply that one team has to have more points than the other? Should there be an agreed margin, so the winner has to win by a set number of points? Should we award the loser extra points because we feel sorry for them by way of encouragement?”

Speaking on behalf of the WRU Dai Laughing, senior communications officer was less than impressed with Davis’ approach.

“He’s off his chunk. The bois are gonna do this by a mile. And anyway, with Brexit on hold and this f*cking backstop position, if we do lose it we’ll pop over and duff them up when they’re pissed one night.”

Image: Estonian Foreign Ministry

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