EU voters who wanted to do away with unelected leaders to get unelected leader

Voters at the recent EU referendum who wanted to do away with unelected leaders are likely to get an unelected leader.

In the top running for British Prime Minister are Duncan Goodhew, Timmy Mallett and Roland from Grange Hill.

A spokesman for the Leave campaign told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve said all along that we don’t want any more unelected leaders telling us what to do and bossing us around. I had it as a kid when I was in Scouts, and when we had a headmaster in school. It’s led to some trauma in my life and when I see unelected EU ministers telling me how straight my banana should be, it grips my shit. I’m looking forward to finding out who our unelected Prime Minister is going to be so I can moan about it and stuff.”

Timmy Mallett has said that if he does become Prime Minister, he’d like to introduce Mallett’s Mallett to schools across the UK.

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