EU to ban holiday daps that squeak when you walk

The European Union has passed a new directive which would see the end of holiday daps that make funny sounds.

It comes as the holiday season is about to begin, meaning that many Welsh tourists will travel without the comforting sound of a new pair of holiday daps.

Euro Minister Jorge Stinkenheiser told WalesOnCraic:

“Here in Europe, we have to put up with you Welsh people visiting our countries and we are sick and tired of your squeaky holiday daps. We can hear you coming a mile off. It’s not so bad when you’re sat on a plane or a bus, but as soon as you get up to go get yourself a beer from the bar, we can tell that we’ve got some Welsh guy in town. This new directive will force dap manufacturers to ensure that all daps are created without any kind of squeak or farting noise. We don’t come over to your country and make these kind of noises so why should you do the same to us?”

Welsh holiday-maker Dai Lingual said:

“I bought myself a pair of daps from the catalogue. They look nice but every time I walk anywhere, my right dap makes a sound like a cat farting.”

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