Enjoying the sunshine? Good. Because it’s going to piss down tomorrow.

Afternoon, Weatherchums. Yes, sadly there’s a shitload of rain on the way. The rest of today will be nice enough but rain will move into Wales during the night.

Thursday’s looking a right pisser at the moment. Prolonged bouts of heavy ran is forecast, along with strong winds and feelings of glumness and misery.

Down on the farm, Farmer Honey has kindly been down to Kwik Save and stocked up tea, milk and biscuits. I’ve also just taken a delivery of my new Bergerac DVD box set. Remember him? Good old John Nettles, bless his cotton socks.

Anyway, remember to take a brolly to work and don’t go leaving out any washing on the line.

Take care.
Derek the Weathersheep

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