English yuppy sleeps in car after failing to find Gwesty Hotel

English businessman, Eric Twathead found himself in Haverfordwest’s Withybush Hospital after he was found suffering from exposure in his car.

The businessman told our intrepid WalesOnCraic Pembrokeshire reporter that he was in Pembrokeshire on business, but it went on far later than he expected so he went in search of a hotel for the night.

Eric told our reporter, “I was driving along and saw the brown tourist sign that said “GWESTY HOTEL”. I thought, that looks good. There must be a chain of them as I’ve often seen signs for Gwesty Hotel across Wales. I turned down the road and went past the Nantyglyn Hotel. I drove on and on, but still no sign of the Gwesty Hotel. By then, I had driven for miles and was lost. It was now 11pm and I found a car park overlooking a beach and thought I had better try and sleep in the car”.

It was a cold night and Mr Twathead was found the following morning by local farmer, Gwyn Williams. “I saw he was shivering and delirious. It was a tad chilly last night, so I phoned for an ambulance, when I eventually got a phone signal, 2 hours later. This is Pembrokeshire, after all”.

Mr Twathead made a speedy recovery in hospital and when told that Gwesty is Welsh for Hotel, he said “I saw the Nantyglyn Hotel, but not the Hotel Hotel”.

Mr Twathead is a top London businessman, but obviously has little common sense.

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