English schoolchildren vote to stop public money for MPs’ food and drink

Schoolchildren in England have voted to end to the practice of paying expenses to MPs for their food and drink.

MPs can currently claim subsidies from public money funds to pay for their food and drink at the parliamentary canteen.

One schoolchild told WalesOnCraic:

“These greedy bastards have told me that me and my brothers and sisters won’t be able to eat properly over the winter so we’ve voted to stop them claiming money off my mum to pay for their grub. She can hardly manage as it is so it’s not fair that MPs should be claiming money from us so that they can fill their fat faces.”

A motion to offer food aid to vulnerable families over school holidays until Easter 2021 was defeated in the House of Commons by 322 votes to 261 earlier this week.

One MP said:

“All they need to do is stop paying for their Sky Sports and cigarettes if they want food. In any case, we know that many of these kids are swapping their school meals for hardcore drugs and as a Christian country, we are very much against that.”

The schoolchildren are planning riots across England to show their displeasure. Free school meals in Wales are set to continue until at least Easter 2021.

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