English Rugby Players Feigning Injury To ‘Avoid Being Smashed by Wales’: Claim

Players from the English rugby team are feigning injuries so that they won’t get smashed by Wales next week, according to armchair coach Jerry Fatarse.

The England squad are without more than ten key players, all to injury. Caerphilly-based Fatarse says that the players are pretending that they are injured so that they won’t have to face the humiliation of walking off the Welsh pitch being beaten.

“They’re all turning around saying ‘I’ve got a bardy this or I’ve got a bardy that’. Why don’t they just come out and say it as it is? – that they don’t want to play our boys cos they know that they’re going to get a thrashing.”

England coach Stuart Lancaster has told WalesOnCraic (probably) that he’s not worried about his growing list of injured players.

“We’ve got billions of good players to pick from so we’re going to be just fine.”

But Fatarse is adamant that Wales will triumph in the Friday night clash.

“Yeah. We’ll stick a cricket score on them.” he said.

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