England targetting fourth place in 2019 Six Nations


An insider from the England rugby team has exclusively told WalesOnCraic that they are targetting fourth place in next year’s Six Nations tournament.

The insider said that England are also pretending to be shit ahead of the Rugby World Cup to lull everyone else into a false sense of security, something Wales did at the last World Cup.

The insider told WalesOnCraic:

“These next few months are crucial as we build up towards the next Rugby World Cup. What we don’t want is everyone gunning for us. So Eddie’s come up with a brilliant plan. We’re going to pretend that we are shit for the next year or so and then when we get to the World Cup, we’ll show people how amazing we actually are. Wales did something similar when Wales came third in the Six Nations while we were second. We deliberately came fifth in this year’s tournament so that everyone thinks that we are shit. We are targetting fourth place at next year’s competition.”

England have been touted as joint-favourites for this year’s World Cup but bosses would rather sneak under the radar.

“We want to be sneaky about this. Otherwise, we’ll have everyone trying to break our legs ahead of the tournament.”

Image: DIALLO 25

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