England sneak lucky win over Scottish to win Six Nations again

England have pipped Scotland at Twickenham to win a second successive Six Nations title.

The All Whites now have two titles under their belts to make up for years of desolation and empty trophy cabinets.

England fan Tarquin Smythe-Peacock told WalesOnCraic:

“Our cheps were top notch today, weren’t they old boy? They threw that jolly ball around like no-one’s business. The cheps thoroughly deserve the win – I’m just glad that they managed to sneak it at the end there because it was jolly close for a while. Now where are my cucumber sandwiches?”

Another English fan said:

“What are you on about? Sneaky lucky win? Hardly lucky! You Welsh are just sore losers – couldn’t even beat Scotland yourselves. We thoroughly deserve to win this title again because we’ve been the best team in the entire championship. We even won it with a week to go. What could your Welsh boys manage? A win over Italy and a lucky win over the Irish. I’ll say it again – sore losers! We all know that the Welsh only live to hate England. Turn that hatred into winning and you’ll maybe get somewhere.”

Chwarae Teg. We at WalesOnCraic would like to offer our genuine congratulations to England on their Six Nations title win.

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