England Rugby World Cup 2015 Kit Launched In Lidl Car Park

England’s rugby team have unveiled their new kit ahead of the Rugby World Cup.

The new kit was revealed to the world’s press in Lidl car park in Basingstoke.

England Coach Stuart Lancaster told WalesOnCraic:

“We are heading into this World Cup as clear favourites so we needed a kit that conveyed our dominance in world rugby. We got some bint in from down the pub in to design it and we think she’s hit the nail on the head with it. The boys from the southern hemisphere are going to be quaking in their boots when they see what we’ve got lined up for them. It’ll be pure intimidation.”

The new kit includes a flowery hat, some bells, long socks and two sticks. The kit has been designed to strike fear into the heart of the opposition.

Meanwhile, the Welsh team have been preparing for their World Cup bid by going for a jolly up some mountains. There are no plans for them to get a new kit, although Leigh Halfpenny is hoping to have some new teeth for the event, which starts in September.

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