Ed Miliband: Scott Quinnell Will Get Own TV Comedy Series If I Become PM

Labour’s Ed Miliband has promised that Scott Quinnell will get his own spin-off TV comedy series if he wins the General Election.

Scott ‘Scotty’ Quinnell has earned rave reviews in the Welsh comedy ‘Stella’. There have been calls for Scotty to have his own show written for him. Miliband has promised Welsh voters that the former Welsh international would get his own show if Miliband becomes Prime Minister.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Scott is a true Welsh living legend and we at Labour are always looking at new ways to get votes. We’re jumping on the back of Scott’s popularity for this policy and the good thing for us is that it won’t cost us a penny because we don’t pay for shit like that – TV companies look after all that kind of stuff themselves. We think it’ll prove a real vote-winner because it’s such a good cockin’ idea.”

Scott has proved a huge hit in the Welsh TV series Stella, which focuses on the ups and downs of a woman who says the word ‘presh’ all the time.

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