Dwindling Numbers Forces Doctors’ Receptionist School Of Charm To Close

Pontypool’s School of Charm for Doctors’ Receptionists is set to close due to dwindling numbers.

The school, which teaches doctors’ receptionists to smile, to be polite and to be discreet, opened in 1883. As doctors demand more and more aggressive staff, the school has been forced to close its doors.

Headteacher Beryl Wideflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been proudly teaching students here for over 100 years. I’ve been here for nearly 50 and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do now that the school is closing – I’ve even asked in the local Greggs and they’ve told me that I’m far too polite.”

Doctors’ receptionists will now undergo local in-house training, where they can practice their patronising skills on local surgery visitors.

A Welsh government spokesman said:

“If you want true change this election, vote for me. I’ve never met Malcolm Rifkind and I have a nice voice.”

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