Election 2017

Don’t forget to vote – Love Island needs you

The UK is being reminded about the importance of voting – as the storylines on Love Island hot up for another year.

The popular TV show features dull-as-shit personalities vying for attention, and hoping to validate their self-worth.

Producer Glenn Dullard told WalesOnCraic:

“This is a time for our country to unite. Whatever anyone says about our septic isle set in a silver sea, nothing can take away our love for banality. Love Island is the perfect show for those people whose brains can only focus on plastic tits and fake tans. We call upon the people of the UK to come together at this very important time and vote for those who they want to see win Love Island. Only then can we really know who our winner will be.”

Fan Freda Saddo said:

“I loves Love Island I does.”

Love Island is a TV show in which a group of narcissists talk about which ones they fancy and which ones they don’t.”

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