Donald Trump tells Welsh to ban all English people from entering Wales

US President hopeful Donald Trump has told the Welsh public that they should stop all English people entering Wales. His comments follows news that he would like to see all Muslims banned from entering the US.

The crazy-haired billionaire told WalesOnCraic:

“I call upon all the people of Wales to stop these pesky English people from crossing into your country. They pose a real threat to your country and have to be stopped. Each and every Welsh citizen should be on their guard at all times – they should stop anyone they think might be English from coming in.”

Welsh citizens will rely on a simple way of checking if someone is English or not.

“Every Welsh person will have to ask any suspected English people if they are English or not. If they say no, then they can come in. If they say yes, they will be turned away.”

Trump has told English people that they should also stop Welsh people from going into England. And Scottish people.

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