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Donald Trump takes credit for launching a Tesla Roadster into space

US President Donald Trump has taken credit for launching a Tesla Roadster into space.

Trump said that the whole thing was his idea and that he built the rocket himself on the weekend.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d like the world to know that there is a car in orbit above earth right now. And I’d also like everyone to know that I was the man who put it there. It is possibly the bigliest idea I’ve ever had but you need to remember that I am indeed, a stable genius. I built this rocket in my shed over the weekend, popped one of my many cars in it and asked a few of my mates to send the thing into space. This rocket is the biggest rocket that has even been built and it took off in a shower of fire and fury. I would like to remind people that I claim full responsibility for this marvellous success.”

Trump said that the red convertible that he launched into space would carry on to Mars where it would pick up some shopping.

“They’ve got some great shops there,” he added.

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