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Doctor confirms that Trump is mentally stable – just an average cockwomble

A doctor sent to provide Donald Trump with a cognitive analysis has said that the President is fine but that he’s just a cockwomble.

The doctor also added that Trump has the body of a Greek Adonis and would be posing for Playboy next month.

The doctor exclusively told WalesOnCraic:

“Our President is the epitome of health and well-being. After thoroughly analysing him from the top of his Shredded Wheat, down to his tiny little hands, I can confirm that he is all man. I have also taken the time to assess the mental health of the President and can confirm that he is mentally normal. He is therefore what we’d call an average cockwomble, the sort you’d find hanging round places like Kiwis in Cardiff. I would like to think that Donald stands as a true inspiration for the young men of this nation.”

Trump is expected to pose for Playboy sometime next month once he can tone up his massive gunt.

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