Dieter maintains body weight by eating twice as much half-fat food

A dieter from Hengoed has maintained her body weight for the fourth month in a row after doubling her intake of half-fat food.

Gloria WonderGunt, 32, has plateaued at 17 stone for the last four months. She hopes to get slim for her summer holiday but is struggling to shift the weight.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I figured that if I’ve got half fat food in the fridge, then that technically allows me to eat twice as much of it. I keep going to my Fat Classes on a Tuesday night and the girl there can’t understand it. I always grab a bag of chips on my way home because Tuesdays are weigh days and I can burn it all off by the following Tuesday.”

Gloria’s husband, Gordon said:

“I’ve been on at her for weeks to shift some weight. The only weight she ends up shifting is her fat arse from one end of the settee to the other to pick up the remote control.”

Gloria added:

“Is that a banana in your pocket? Are you going to eat it?”

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