Devastating thaw bring the Great Welsh Snowman closer to extinction

A devastating thaw across much of Wales has left the future of the Great Welsh Snowman hanging in the balance.

Experts say that the thaw has been rapid and widespread, and could leave the Great Welsh Snowman extinct by the time Coronation Street starts.

Jamie Carrot, Professor of Snowmanology told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve never seen anything like this before. Only yesterday, Wales had a healthy population, bringing joy and laughter to the nation. This morning, we are looking at a devastating reversal. This thaw has been rapid, spreading without mercy. Our pet snowman was struggling this morning and I don’t think he’s going to last the day. I don’t know what to tell the kids. By the time that they get home from school, he could be gone.”

The thaw has also seen an increase in the amount of sludgy mud, something that has concerned Professor Carrot:

“Most households will see an increase in grubby carpets as the rise of sludgy mud continues.”

The case continues.

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