Derek the Weathersheep to get OBE

WalesOnCraic can exclusively reveal that Welsh National Treasure, Derek The Weathersheep is to get an OBE in David Cameron’s Resignation Honours List.

A source close to David Cameron said:

“The former Prime Minister was an avid fan of the antics of Derek The Weathersheep, Brenda, Dolly and Farmer Honey. He enjoyed reading Fifteen Grades of Hay: A Woolly Yarn, Fifteen Grades More: The Sex Tape, and The Winter’s Tail.”

The resignation honours have been surrounded by controversy amid claims of cronyism as it includes Sam’s stylist and the former PM’s nasal hair remover.

The source went on:

“David Cameron was an avid follower of Derek’s books and would read them after a long day as PM, making speeches and reading state papers. Nothing was better at the end of the day that sitting in bed, drinking his cocoa and reading one of Derek’s books. Cameron would also get his staff to contact Derek The Weathersheep, when he was visiting Wales, to get a weather forecast tso the PM knew what to wear as the weather was always dodgy, there, compared to the rest of the UK.”

WalesOnCraic also spoke to Dolly and Brenda. Brenda said:

“I’m tamping. Derek never told us he was in line for a gong.” Dolly said added:

“I’m off down to Kwik Save to get some Skol lager in, so we can have a party, later, and get totally shitfaced.”

WalesOnCraic tried to contact Derek The Weathersheep OBE, but his PA advised us that he was busy doing his weather charts and writing the 4th book in the trilogy of his highly successful books.

But WalesOnCraic did manage to speak to Carwyn Jones, Wales’ First Minister who said:

“It’s a great honour to bestow on this great Welsh Sheep and my office are looking at hosting a special event at the Senedd. I didn’t realise David Cameron was such a fan of sheep. I thought it was pigs. But David and I share our love for Derek’s books and they have brought great pleasure to me when I am not First Ministering.”

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