Day passes without burger bar opening in Cardiff

A whole day has passed without a burger bar opening in the city of Cardiff.

The capital city has seen at least one gourmet burger bar open every day since 2007.

A spokesman for the Council said:

“We are very disappointed that 27th March 2017 will go down as a day in infamy. We’ve had burger bars opening in Cardiff for 10 years now – in fact, it’s been one every single day. I can’t remember a day without a burger bar opening, apart from yesterday and the day before the first one opened. It’s a very sad day as we were hoping to become the burger capital of the world and now we’re just here with 6,839 burger bars instead. We’ll look to open another one tomorrow.

Burger fan Jimmy Flubbergunt said:

“With Cardiff not opening another burger bar, I sense that this is the end of the road for the city as a worldwide destination for burgers. I myself like nothing more than eating a patty of dead cow gristle and I know that people all over the world flock here to do just the same thing. In the words of Donald J Trump – sad.”

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