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Danny Dyer appointed as new Home Secretary

Actor Danny ‘Farking’ Dyer has been appointed the new Home Secretary after giving an impassioned speech on Brexit live on TV.

Dyer, who often walks around talking in a London accent, starts his new job on Monday.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Iss farking mental. I was on the telly last night and the next fing I know, the she-geezer at No 10 is giving us a job. I says ‘No farking way missis. Not on your farking nelly’ but then she told me that I gets a posh car and a new phone. I says ‘Orrite. Keep yer wig on missis’ so I gives her my CV and then next farking thing I know, I’ve been given the job of Home Secretary. I’ve got no idea what I’ve got to do but I guess it’s similar to what I do nar.”

Dyer appeared on Good Evening Britain last night and said the word ‘Twat’ very loudly and with great clarity.

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