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Couple forced to speak to each other after Facebook goes down

A man from Cardiff has made conversation with his wife who was sat next to him after Facebook went down tonight.

The popular social networking site went down leaving many not sure what to do with themselves.

Jeff WideGut told WalesOnCraic:

“It was all a bit strange. There I was one minute on my phone; the next minute I was faced with my wife, who was sat there beside me. She had been on Facebook too. We ended up talking to each other. She seemed a nice lady.”

Other couples joined Twitter in order to look up more shit on the internet. One lady said:

“I spend all night looking up other people’s wonderful lives on Facebook. When it went down, there wasn’t much else to do so I was forced to join Twitter. It was a bit shit to be honest because I posted a picture of my dinner on there but no-one liked it.”

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