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Corbyn and Smith will joust to settle Labour leadership debate

The two main contenders for the Labour Party leadership will joust to decide who becomes the new leader.

Jeremy ‘The Saint’ Corbyn will face off against young challenger Owen ‘Just Owen’ Smith at Warwick Castle in September.

A spokesman for Team Corbyn told WalesOnCraic:

“Jez has been around for hundreds of years, and his views reflect this. So far in all of his jousting competitions, he remains undefeated. This young pretender to the throne will need a lot more than a big gob to shift our Jeremy.”

But Smith’s manager said:

“Owen is one of the greatest jousters the world has ever seen. He’ll duck and dodge his way out of anything. As for Corbyn, the only reason he remains undefeated is because he throws himself off his horse early, sits on the floor, and claims foul play. Our young buck will make sure that there is a new order in our party and I can’t wait to see those horses trotting out there next month.”

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