Corbyn responsible for global warming

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being the person responsible for global warming.

The BBC reported that the MP used so much spray-on deodorant in the 1970s, that he caused a huge hole in the ozone.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“It was him. He did it. We’ve got evidence reaching as far back as 1972 when we first saw Corbyn using spray-on deodorants. We believe it may have been Slazenger Sport that he was using because Jeremy was an avid tennis fan back then. Our records show that he used 32 cans of deodorant in that first year, 42 the following year and peaking at 51 cans in 1976 when Britain faced drought. We can therefore deduce without a doubt that Mr Corbyn is wholly responsible for the global warming we are experiencing today. Only this morning, I had to put on a rain coat – in the middle of April. It really is shocking.”

Mr Corbyn has also been linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

“He’s been up to all sorts,” said the spokesman.

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