Corbyn: The real fight for Copeland starts now

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has rallied his party after losing a seat that the party has held since 1935.

In a rousing speech in a windswept Lidl car park, Corbyn told his troops that the real fight for Copeland starts now.

A spokesman for the Labour Party told WalesOnCraic:

“Our leader is a true warrior. His inspirational battle cry in that Lidl car park sent shivers down my spine, mainly because I was freezing my nuts off. The real fight for Copeland starts now. Once we’ve got that back, we’ll get some of our other seats back. Then we’ll reverse Brexit. Then we’ll get Jeremy into power. It’s gunna be great, trust me.”

One bystander wasn’t too impressed with Mr Corbyn’s impromptu speech though. Shopper Ethel HardArse said:

“I was wanting to put my trolley back so that I could get my pound coin back out but he was stood right in the way of the shelter, presumably trying to keep dry. I was waiting for 40 minutes while he droned on about bloody politics and in the end I had to give up and take my trolley home with me in my car. I’ll bring it back tomorrow so I can get my pound back. I’m not wasting that.”

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