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Corbyn distances himself from a speech he’s due to make tomorrow

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has distanced himself from a speech that he’s due to make tomorrow.

The party’s leader isn’t sure what he’ll be saying in tomorrow’s speech but he doesn’t want to tie himself to its contents.

A Labour spokesperson said:

“Jeremy said this morning that he would consider a maximum earnings cap, probably around the £139,000 mark. Later on, he distanced himself from that because he hadn’t thought it through. Later in an interview, Jeremy said that he would consider limiting the amount of Malted Milk biscuits that any one person can eat in a 24 hour period. Later on, his distanced himself from that remark. He’s due to make a speech tomorrow but it’s still being written for him by a team of sixth formers so he’s not sure what it will contain. To be on the safe side, he’s not committing himself to the speech, in case he changes his mind.”

Tarquin Smythe-Peacock, an eminent critic of Mr Corbyn said:

“The boy’s lost the plot. What ho.”

Mr Corbyn had a day filled with TV interviews, where he was hoping to relaunch his political mojo. He’s likely to be finishing the day with a bottle of brandy and a box set of Allo Allo.

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