Controversial plans to flatten Welsh mountains adopted by Welsh nationalist group

Controversial plans to flatten all of Wales’s mountains is being considered by a Welsh Nationalist Group in a bid to appeal to voters.

The plan would mean that Wales becomes larger than England according to Blodwyn ap Blodwyn who runs The Welsh Nationalist Independent Friends of Wales Association.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re fed up to the back teeth of being dictated to by Westminster. So we had a little think while we were down the club last night and we’ve come up with a vote-winning policy. Flattening all Welsh mountains would mean that Wales would become 29% larger than England. That would render Westminster’s ability to dictate to us totally obsolete. It’d also create 4 new jobs as we’d need some lads to flatten them out with some shovels. It’s a sure-fire win-win situation for Wales.”

But critics were quick to slam the plans, calling them ‘focking stupid’ and ‘piss talk’. Charles Smythe-Peacock, who heads the English Crusade to Take Over Wales, told WalesOnCraic:

“The idea’s absurd. This is obviously designed to win the Welsh vote but there’s absolutely no thought behind the policy. Blodwyn ap Blodwyn should resign with immediate effect.”

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