Combined power of fans’ lucky underwear can bring Slam home


Welsh rugby fans are being told to wash their lucky underwear in advance of this weekend’s showdown with Ireland.

Welsh coaches are hoping that the combined might of the nation’s lucky underwear can bring the Grand Slam for Wales.

A spokesman for the WRU said:

“We can’t get everything right, as evidenced by the massive balls up we made last week with the regions. What we can be sure about is the power of the lucky underwear, which has seen us through many tough games in the past. We are encouraging all Welsh fans to wash their lucky underwear ahead of the big game. While the boys will be doing their best on the pitch, and the fans cheering them on in the stadium, we can all get our lucky grits on to help. If we can come together like this as a country, who knows where we’ll end up.”

The last time Wales pulled together in the lucky underwear department was when Wales reached the semi-finals of the Euros in 2016.

“Sadly, a few people were so excited that they forgot to put them on for the Portugal game and that was that.”

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