Cockwomble goes to gym to sit on phone for an hour

A cockwomble from South Wales has visited his local gym to sit on his phone for an hour.

Steve ‘Stephen’ Stevens said that he was ‘willing himself fit’ with the power of his mind. And his phone.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“The power of the mind is exceptional. I went to the gym all geared up in my gear. Once I was there, I looked at stuff on my phone. It was mostly stuff about how to build a great body. By doing this, I was able to visualise what kind of body I wanted. I did look at Facebook a few times too though. But after an hour, I was totally exhausted from visualising stuff. I went and had a shower and it was great because I felt like I wanted to show my body off. I asked a man in the changing rooms if he thought I was buff but he left quite quickly. I think he felt intimidated by my new great physique.”

Gym owner Gary Widebelly said:

“He just came in here, sat on his phone and buggered off after an hour. The other lads wanted to punch his lights out but they were a bit intimidated by his massive muscles that he’d just created with the power of visualistion or whatever the word is.”

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