Circling things in the Christmas Radio Times to be taught in schools

The long-forgotten art of circling TV shows in the Christmas Radio Times is to be introduced to schools.

The Welsh Assembly say that Christmas has lost its significance with the demise of paper-based festive TV planning.

A spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“When we were kids, getting the Radio Times meant that Christmas had truly arrived. People these days think that it’s all about going to church and that but the truth is that circling things in the Radio Times IS the real story of Christmas. We are introducing these classes to bring back the lost art of picking things out to watch over the festive period. They will learn the art of going to Rumbelows and buying a 5 pack of 1 hour VHS tapes, loading them into the machine and setting them to record the thing they’ve circled. We think kids these days have things far too easy and we’d like to remind them of how hard we had it.”

One pupil who will be taking the classes said:

“Noel’s House Party? What the frig’s that all about then? And who is Noel?”

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