Chris Coleman’s chewing gum to go on public display in Wales

Chris Coleman’s chewing gum is to go on public display in the Welsh capital after he moves to Sunderland.

Coleman has been chewing the same piece of chewing gum since he took over as manager of Wales in 2012.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“Chris’s chewing gum has very much been part of this journey of ours. Chris first popped the chewing gum in his mouth before was even interviewed for the post because he said that it calmed his nerves. He’s never taken it out. We’ve heard tonight that for reasons known only to himself, he’d rather leave our green and wonderful land for Sunderland. They must be offering him shitloads of money up there – who wouldn’t want to manage Wales? Either way, we’ll get to remember him through his chewing gum. The gum will go on display inside a glass cabinet somewhere very posh and we’ll charge lots of money for people to come and see it. How about that eh?”

Coleman is yet to comment on the chewing gum.

“I thought he’d take it with him to be honest,” said one fan.

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