Chris Coleman to be Hilary Clinton’s running mate

Wales football manager Chris Coleman’s burgeoning reputation went up another notch when he was sensationally named as Democrat Hilary Clinton’s running mate for the Presidency. By stealing the ‘Stronger Together’ slogan, she expects to repeat his success at the Euros and hopes to benefit from some of his stardust. If successful, he will become Vice-President of the United States. Football Association of Wales chiefs believe he could combine this with his duties as Wales manager.

“If anyone can do it Chris can. I wouldn’t back against him becoming President one day. Why not? He’s got more going for him than that lot of useless tossers over the pond,” a source said.

The recent American takeover of Swansea City FC is a sign that successful Welsh talent is in high demand and Wales could become the 51st state if it smooths the path to a successful Coleman Presidency. Following the Brexit result, an amalgamation with the United States could be the way forward if space can be made for Carwyn Jones in the administration.

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