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Charlotte Church To Protest At 25p Freddo Bars

Charlotte Church is set to lead a protest march through Cardiff after the price of Freddo bars reached 25p.

The bars, which once used to pride itself on its 10p price tag, has now priced itself out of the range of most Welsh people. Singer Church will be leading the protest this Saturday.

A spokesperson told WalesOnCraic:

“Enough is enough. She’s mad as hell. If only Ed Miliband could have somehow got into power to keep his election pledge, we wouldn’t be in this mess now. 25p is an extortionate amount to pay for a chocolate-shaped frog. What is Cameron thinking of?”

Freddo fan, four-year-old, Charlie DoubleGunt from Aberdare, is now having to buy chocolate from Aldi.

“Down Aldi, they sell this German shit for a lot less than some of the other stores. I like to eat lots of chocolate so that I get fat and wobbly. I blame Tony Cameron for this outrage. This country has slipped well below the standards I deem acceptable.”

A spokesman for Freddo bars did not comment to the question that we didn’t put to them.

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