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Charlotte Church to appear on new £10 note

Welsh superstar Charlotte Church is set to appear on the new £10 note.

The singer was chosen to replace the picture of the Queen to bring the new note a bit of glamour to the UK currency.

A spokesman for the Government told WalesOnCraic:

“Compared to other countries, our money is pretty boring. Over the last few months, we’ve been looking at ways of tarting up our notes and in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly, we’ve come up with something that’s worth about £10 and is still nice to look at. We will be looking to roll out the new note from 2018. We are delighted to be featuring the image of Charlotte on the new tenner – she’s a lovely girl and I’ve got all her records.”

Scotland will also be getting a new face for their ten pound notes. They’ve decided on putting Jimmy Kranky on theirs.

One Scottish person said:

“That’s simply not fair. You’ve got a top looking girl on your tenners and we’ve got Jimmy Kranky. And anyway, it looks like someone’s done a really shit job of Photoshopping that tenner you’ve got there. Couldn’t you get a professional graphic designer to do it for you?”

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